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Marico Experiences

Immerse yourself into all that the Marico has to offer

Old Homestead

Sights to see & things to do

Not only is the Marico home to some of the most wonderful natural sites to visit and explore, but it is also home to a number of historically and culturally significant sites that can be enjoyed.

To experience the Marico is to truly get to know her.

Whether it be the culture behind the tradition of Mampoer and Herman Charles Bosman, to immerse yourself in the history or to seek healing and the desire to bring one’s soul in touch with one’s self.

The Marico has a number of very special experiences and activities to offer the traveller looking to further themselves and further their life’s fulfilment.

In the main street of our town, you will find virtually everything one needs to survive: a butchery, bar, general dealer, a post office, a café, a tuisnywerheid and fruit & vegetable shop, an ABSA  ATM and an art factory at the Information Centre where information can be obtained regarding accommodation and future events.

Marico BR Visitor Centre Wilde-Als

Wilde-Als Marico BR Visitor Centre

Marico BR Visitor Centre Wilde-Als for all information on the Marico Biosphere Reserve and guidance on how and where to get involved in Conservation, Research and Sustainable Development within the Marico BR.

Located in the ‘CBD of Marico town.’ Contact Beatrice vd Merwe at 079 839 9167 or moi.marico@gmail.com or find on Google Maps.

Groot Marico Info Centre

The big old house in which the Information Centre is situated, is the original farmhouse on the farm Wonderfontein on which the town was developed. Santa and Egbert will welcome you here with the traditional honey mampoer liqueur. You can support the local craft/arts project and there is also a bookroom to spend time in.

Contact: Santa on 083 272 2958 or 014 503 0085 or info@marico.co.za

HC Bosman Museum

Places of interest

The Herman Charles Bosman Living Museum

Address: 1A Hendrik Potgieter St, Groot Marico, 2850

Phone: 083 272 2958

The Herman Charles Bosman Living Museum near Groot Marico is an exact replica of the school at which the famous writer taught in 1926.

Herman Charles Bosman was a teacher in 1926 at the Heimweeberg School in the Marico area. As a result of his time in the Marico, some of the best short stories in South African literature were crafted. His stories captured the atmosphere and the essence of the Western Transvaal Boers. Many people know about Marico through Bosman’s stories.

One of Bosman’s books, “Mafikeng Road”, has been continuously in print since first published in 1947.  Herman Charles Bosman was born in 1905 and died of a heart attack in 1951.

Find out more >

Historical Sites

A large number of historical sites and examples of tangible cultural heritage can be found in the MBR. De Jager and Kuijers (1987), commissioned by the Stigting Simon van der Stel (predecessor to Heritage SA), recorded heritage sites in the Western Transvaal in the late 1980s. They focussed on those sites which are of special importance to the Afrikaans community. 

Below are the sites that they identified plus a few others that are listed according to the types of tangible heritage as classified in section 3(2) of the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA), act no. 25 of 1999:



  • Mosega battlefield (17 Jan 1837) on the farm Sendelingspos (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:86-7).
  • Site on the farm Vlakplaas (in Klipveld) where Potgieter’s commando camped before the Battles of Mosega and Kapain in 1837 (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:129)
  • Kleinfontein Battlefield (1901) situated on the R27 6.5 km west of the turnoff to Groot Marico (Van den Bergh 1996:131).

Farmhouses, farmsteads and outbuildings

  • Buffelshoek farm with farmhouse and outbuildings (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:82-4)
  • Farmhouse on the farm Witrand – home of Gen Koos Snyman who took part in the Siege of Mafeking during the Second Anglo-Boer War (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:90)
  • Farmhouse on the farm Paardevlei built by Cmdt J.D.L. Botha of Marico Commando in Second Anglo-Boer War (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:94)
  • ”Waenhuis” on the farm Rietvallei (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:95)
  • Smith’s workshop on the farm Wilgeboomspruit (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:96)
  • Old farmhouse on the farm Zwartfontein (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:97)
  • Old farmhouse on the farm Derdepoort (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:98)
  • Farmhouse on the farm Bokkraal (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:111)
  • Old farmhouse on the farm Bokkraal (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:114)
  • Old farmhouse on the farm Stinkhoutboom (Ottoshoop) built by J.D.D. Fritz, a Voortrekker in the 1850s whose son-in-law Kelly discovered gold in 1875 (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:119)
  • Farmhouse at Malmani’s Eye on the farm Naauwpoort – Dr G.J. Gubbins bought the farm in 1910 and discovered gold and fluorspar (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:123)
  • Stone house on the farm Witstinkhoutboom built c. 1840s by J.D.D. Fritz. Used as fort during attacks by blacks (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:124)
  • Remains of old house (hartbeeshuis) on the farm Ruigtelaagte built c. 1850 by Cmdt Hendrik Greeff founder of Lichtenburg, later belonged to Gen de la Rey (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:127)
  • “Arendsnes” house built by J.H. Jordaan on the farm Wonderfontein in 1974 – unique architecture (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:130)

Mills and water wheels

  • Wheel of Hahler water mill on the farm Uitvlucht (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:93)
  • Water mill on the farm Kaaloog (Grootfontein) (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:112)
  • Mill on the farm Bokkraal (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:113)
  • Old water mill at Malmani’s Eye on the farm Naauwpoort (Nooitgedacht) c. 1900, one of only three ‘silent feed’ mills in the world. Declared as National Monument in 1983. (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:121-2)
  • Mill on the farm Windheuvel (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:125)

Monuments and memorials

  • Monument at Mosega battlefield for Mrs Wilson, the missionary’s wife and the first white woman who died in the Transvaal (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:86-7)
  • Monument at Mosega battlefield at the site of the first house built by Europeans in the Transvaal in 1832 by French missionaries (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:86-7).
  • Doornhoek stone memorial on the farm Doornhoek – erected in 1880 during the First Anglo-Boer War by inhabitants of Klein-Marico who renewed the Covenant and vowed to fight to the bitter end for the freedom of the South African Republic (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:89).
  • Battle of Kleinfontein Monument on the farm Kleinfontein at the site of the main battle – in memory of Cmdt Sarel Oosthuizen and the 20 burghers who died in the battle on 24 October 1901 during the Second Anglo-Boer War (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:109).
  • Small Voortrekker monument, Groot Marico
  • H.A. Greef Memorial on the farm Witklip, northeast of Lichtenburg


  • Herman Charles Bosman Living Museum in Groot Marico, a replica of the farm school where Bosman taught in 1926.

Other buildings

  • Old shop on the farm Rietvlei (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:110)


  • Site of the school where Herman Charles Bosman was a teacher and farmhouse where Bosman stayed on the farm Heimweeberg (the school building was rebuilt in the town of Groot-Marico (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:91-2)

Historical settlements and townscapes

  • Jacobsdal townscape – several buildings and other structures, e.g. remnants of an old water mill (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:73; Labuschagne 1984)
  • Ottoshoop townscape – several historic buildings, some from the mining history
  • Post and Magistrate’s Office, Commissioner Street, Ottoshoop – the goldfield was proclaimed in the 1880s, many gold diggers were attracted, they settled at Malmani next to the goldfield, Pres Kruger visited the town and renamed it Ottoshoop (Otto was the magistrate) (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:120)
  • Groot Marico townscape – several historic buildings
  • Old police station and magistrate’s office on the farm Ragies, Groot-Marico (De Jager and Kuijers 1987:108)
Monuments & Grave Sites

Contact Person: Stephan Botha
Email: gsbotha@absamail.co.za

Anglo-Boer War Soldier’s Grave

GPS: 25.395726 S, 26.320419 E

Boer soldier killed during an attack on Selons River.

Wonderfontein Anglo-Boer War Graveyard

GPS: 25.351071 S, 26.240802 E

Grave of British Soldiers from the Anglo-Boer War. Most were slain during the Battle of Renosterfontein where the Bosveld Dam is today.

Old Clock

GPS: 25.323015 S, 26.043261 E

A section of a Monument Complex commemorates those who were slain during the Anglo-Boer Wars, Bush Wars as well as AH Potgieter on Zeerust.

Bush War Fatalities

GPS: 25.323015 S, 26.043261 E

Monument to commemorate those lost to the Bush War from the Marico area.

Monument to Andries Hendrik Potgieter

GPS: 25.323015 S, 26.043261 E

Monument built to commemorate Andries Hendrick Potgieter.

Bust of Andries Potgieter

GPS: 25.323015 S, 26.043261 E

Bust built to commemorate Andries Hendrick Potgieter.

Zeerust Burger Monument

GPS: 25.323015 S, 26.043261 E

Monument built to commemorate members of the Marico Commando killed during the Anglo-Boer War.

Kleinfontein Battle Monument

GPS: 25.360706 S,  26.204510 E

Monument built on the Kleinfontein/ Driefontein battlefield. The battle took place on October 24th 1901.

Old Wagon Road - Groot Marico to Lichtenburg

Contact Person: Stephan Botha
Email: gsbotha@absamail.co.za

GPS: 25.384815 S, 26.245164 E

This stonework on this old bridge where the ancient wagon road crosses a stream has been preserved and the road has been re-opened as a farm road.

Riekerts Dam

Activities & Experiences

Special Day Tours

Special Day Tours to suit your requirements can be arranged by the Groot Marico Info Centre. The types of tours available are, for example; visits to a mampoer distillery which includes local storytelling, activities organised for school children groups at the H.C. Bosman Living Museum etc.

Contact: Groot Marico Info Centre
Tel: 014 503 0085 or 083 272 2958

Marico Eye/Die Oog

Visit the Marico Eye/Die Oog, the source of the Groot Marico River, for scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and picnics. Groups to arrange bookings prior to arrival. Day visitors only between April and August.

Contact: Ignus
Tel: 084 515 7011

Marico/Riekerts Dam

Swimming, fishing or picnics at the Marico/Riekerts Dam. Day visitors are welcome.

Contact: Hansie Schmulling
Tel: 083 733 4251

Mampoer Tours

Groot-Marico became famous for a special drink, called Mampoer. It is made from fruit and is also known as ‘moonshine’. It is very high in alcohol content. The method of testing if the Mampoer is strong enough, is to put a match to it. If it burst into flames, it is good, otherwise, it is not strong enough!

M&M Mampoer

Contact: Rina Nel
Tel: 066 025 3329

More about mampoer >

Anglo-Boer War

Experience the Anglo Boer War from the eyes of a Soldier.  Groot-Marico was one of the places where Boers and the British were fighting during the 1899 – 1902 war.   Take a battlefield tour and relive the war. Experience and visit the site of the Kleinfontein Battle or the Wonderfontein Graveyard.

Contact: Danie Steyn
: 082 495 0212

Find out more >

Healing Retreats

Pristine nature and the un-hurried lifestyle of the Groot Marico make it the perfect place for healing retreats.

As a result, there are a number of retreat options available for you to experience, from Yoga Retreats, Buddhist healing retreats, meditation retreats and more.

Contact: Groot Marico Info Centre
Tel: 083 272 2958

Sound Journeys

Experience a relaxing gentle sound ‘massage’ with various acoustical instruments in natural surroundings on the banks of the Marico River.

Use your ears to take some of the burdens from your eyes. Learn to listen to the sounds of the world. Group bookings (minimum 10 people).

Contact: Groot Marico Info Centre
Tel: 014 503 0085 or 083 272 2958
Email: info@marico.co.za

Ghong Bath Sessions

Ghong Bath Sessions includes a sound therapy experience for small groups of people or on a private basis. The healing vibrations of sound made by the washing or striking of the ghong aids in easing tension & facilitating feelings of relaxation. Bookings are essential.

Contact: Grant Smith
Email: 071 222 6707

Thabo Drumming

Experience drumming  for healing, team building or just for fun.  

A drumming session in the Groot Marico will be a life-changing experience bringing you in touch with yourself and in balance with those around you.

Contact: Louis
Tel: 082 453 3111

Contact: Jolene
Tel: 079 955 8119

Find out more >


Located in the heart of the bushveld, the Groot Marico is home to many of South Africa’s wildlife species.

Although some of the more iconic characters like elephants and lions no longer exist in the area, there is a world of other species to offer you the wildlife refuge to enjoy.

Contact: Groot Marico Info Centre
Tel: 083 272 2958

Vaalkop 66 Sentraal Museum

The Vaalkop 66 Sentraal Museum takes visitors back in time to the era of mechanical devices and equipment which were used for daily working operations.

Contact: Jan and Elizabeth van der Westhuizen
Tel: 083 451 6095

Kaditshwene Ruins

Visit the ancient Kaditshwene Ruins of the Hurutshe people located in Enzelsberg, near to Zeerust. Guided tours can be organised for groups of 5 or more by prior arrangements.

Contact: Jenny
Tel: 073 715 0882
Email: info@kaditshwene.com

Riverstill Guest Farm

Riverstill Guest Farm provides day visitors or guests with the opportunity to participate in fishing & swimming in the Groot Marico River. Prior arrangements are necessary. 

Contact: Jacques du Plessis
Tel: 082 341 8898 or 014 503 1059

Kearney’s Guest Farm

Kearney’s Guest Farm offers cliff jumping into the Groot Marico River, hiking trails, 4×4 routes, mountain biking and a full obstacle course just for fun or team building and much more. Prior arrangements are necessary.

Contact: Steyn Kearney
Tel: 082 803 3628
Email: lucy@lantic.net
Website: www.kearneysguestfarmobstacleadventures.webs.com 

Herb and Avo Farm

Relax in the beautiful gardens of the Herb and Avo Farm and enjoy a refreshing ice tea or herbal drink. The Herbs Infusion Range includes herbal seasoning and healing & hydrating salves which are handcrafted from herbs & plants organically grown on the farm.

Contact: Zak Herbst
Tel: 083 703 1411

Contact: Kathy Herbst
Tel: 083 278 4217

Madikwena Game Farm & Croc Ranch/Inn

The Madikwena Game Farm & Croc Ranch/Inn allows visitors to view crocodiles, participate in game drives and hunting by prior appointment.

Contact: Daphne Reader
Tel: 083 293 7090

Bokkraal Waterfall Valley

The Bokkraal Waterfall Valley is well known for the dolomitic Tufa Waterfalls. This venue offers hiking trails, mountain bike trails, horseback riding and places of historical & natural interest. Hikers can explore the scenic natural environment, waterways, rock pools and waterfalls.

Tel: 014 503 8906 or 082 358 6210 or 082 777 2047
Email: bokkraalwaterfallvalley@gmail.com

The Hanging Garden Bushveld Eco-Retreat

Walk, hike or mountain bike The Eco-Trail @ The Hanging Garden Bushveld Eco-Retreat. Day visitors or guests can arrange a Guided Nature & Tree Walk of the trail.  Bookings are essential.

Contact: Karen Dougans
083 358 0703
Email: karen@thehanginggarden.co.za 

Contact: Troy Dougans
082 554 5651
Email: troy@thehanginggarden.co.za

Facebook: The Hanging Garden Eco-Retreat

Evergreen Guest Farm

Evergreen Guest Farm provides day visitors or guests the opportunity to
picnic, braai, fish & swim in the Groot Marico River. In season, come and pick your own oranges, lemons, grapefruit, naartjies and pecan nuts.  Bring your own mountain bikes and come and enjoy riding along with our multitude of dirt roads in and around the farm.  Prior arrangements are necessary.

Contact: Lynnie & Rob Kriel
082 784 1782 or 014 503 1057

The Stickman of Groot Marico

Evergreen River Guest Farm also hosts Llewellyn Kriel, The Stickman of Groot Marico, who creates unique handcrafted walking & hiking sticks on site. Each hiking stick is hand-painted featuring the fauna & flora of the Marico Biosphere Reserve. Visitors and guests can purchase walking sticks in stock or place an order.  Prior arrangements are necessary.

Contact: Llewellyn Kriel
071 388 4646 or 014 503 1094

Aura Farm

Aura Farm is an oyster mushroom and medicinal herb farm located on the Groot Marico River. An energetically uplifting, relaxing environment where guests & day visitors are welcome. Visit our mushroom growing facilities, get info on mushroom cultivation & a mushroom tasting session. Aura Farm also offers holistic health retreats, practical spiritual living sessions, health workshops & personal healing treatments like Metamorphosis, anti-ageing, massage, Reiki etc. Visitors can enjoy picnics, fishing, canoeing, nature walks & bird watching along the river. Bookings are essential.

Contact: David Leese
083 496 2261
Email: david@aurafarm.co.za

Contact: Anouk Janssens-Leese
078 432 7824
Email: anouk@aurafarm.co.za 

Twist of Spine Yoga Classes & Massage Therapy


Contact: Jen
072 495 3983

Herman Charles Bosman Festival


Bosveldfees - Easter

The NG Kerk has its annual Bosveldfees on Easter Saturday. Many people display their goods as at a street market and there are lots of food and good meat for sale as at a real old-time church bazaar.

Safari Karnaval - June

The NH Kerk has its annual Safari Karnaval on the first Saturday of June. A real country occasion with lots of home made stuff and meat products to buy and a very popular auction of what so ever.

Marico Mountain Bike Race - August

This event is one of the best mountain bike races in South Africa. Book online: www.cycleevents.co.za  or www.entrytime.com    

The distances to book for are 5, 20, 40, 50 or 60 km.  Participants, families, friends and visitors can enjoy the end-of-the-race atmosphere in true Marico style at the H.C. Bosman Terrain.  On offer will be open fires for coffee and homemade meals, stalls, music and much more.

Contact: Groot Marico Info Centre
Tel: 014 503 0085 or 083 272 2958

Bosman Weekend Festival - October

This prime event occurs every year in Groot Marico.

Contact: Groot Marico Info Centre
Tel: 014 503 0085 or 083 272 2958

Snake Handling


Lowveld Venom Suppliers / Snake Handling

Shawn Erasmus of Lowveld Venom Suppliers is professionally trained in the safe capture & relocation of snakes in and around the Marico Biosphere Reserve. Shawn is available for call-out snake capture services or by appointment to facilitate “Awareness Talks” or “Snake Shows” at private venues. Snake handling equipment can also be purchased directly through Shawn. Snake Handling Courses are held regularly in Groot Marico and all are welcome to attend. Please contact Shawn for costings on services, talks, shows and courses on offer.

Contact: Shawn Erasmus
064 794 5057
Email: shawnerasmus0409@gmail.com

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