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Accessing information and documents on the MaB Concept and its application in the Marico.

Medicinal Plant

Maps and Shape Files of the Marico Biosphere and the different activities within.

To help all our stakeholders, as well as interested parties, get a visual and geospatial idea of all the aspects in the Marico, Biosphere, we have included a full range of all related maps developed for the Biosphere and related projects.   

Additionally, for any stakeholders that may be in need of the related shapefiles, we have included this too to assist with mapping development in the region.

Marico BR farms endorsed
Endorsed Marico BR farms Map
Map 4- Aquatic and Terrestrial CBA’s and ESA’s in the proposed Marico BR
Marico Biosphere Reserve Aquatic & Terrestrial Map
Map 5- Aquatic CBA’s of the North West Province, proposed Marico BR outlined in yellow
Marico Biosphere Reserve Aquatic Map

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