Marico Biosphere ReserveProtecting the Dolomitic Aquifer System of the Marico

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Requirements of a Biosphere Reserve:

a Biosphere Reserve consists of three areas or zones namely a Core area, buffer area and transitional area. 

A Core area is still in a mostly unmodified and naturally pristine state. It allows activities which do not compromise the environmental integrity of the area. The Core Area comprises formally protected areas and areas seeking formal protection. The core area must be buffered from the transitional area.

The Buffer Area comprises of relatively undisturbed areas that are worthy of protection due to their generally high natural, visual and cultural quality. A Buffer area is therefor modified with environmental friendly farming and naturally low impact economic activity. Specifically, aquatic and terrestrial Critical Biodiversity Areas (CBA) will been included in a buffer zone.

A transitional area allows economic activity and diversified development and land use. The Transitional area needs to be buffered in order to prevent negative impact on the core area. 


Activities allowed in Core Area:

  • Conservation

  • Research

  • Low impact Tourism

  • Existing low impact developments(e.g. homesteads)

  • Conservation agriculture and low impact grazing.

  • No mining

  • Must be surrounded by a Buffer Zone


Activities allowed in Buffer Zone:

  • Conservation/Preservation

  • Research

  • Conservation education

  • Recreational Tourism

  • Agriculture activities.

  • No mining

  • Legal land use activities.


Activities allowed in Transition Zone:

  • Economic activities

  • A diversity of land uses which are environmental friendly and ecological sustainable e.g.. town development

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