Here is just a small sampling of the projects undertaken in the Marico Biosphere Reserve.


Fire Free is the name of the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality's Fire Protection Association (RMLM FPA). The RMLM FPA functions as umbrella organisation for the different Fire Protection Forums throughout the RMLM area of the Marico BR.

The aim of the association is to predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld fires in its area; thereby establishing a fire free area.

The Marico BR will undertake the development of a Fire Free strategy for the area which involves 4 local municipalities and 3 district municipalities. 

Marico River Conservation Association, the implementing agent for the Marico Biosphere Reserve,  has in  the meantime trained 24 fire fighters and 6 crew leaders. Accredited training was done by Fordcor. The fire fighters are well equipped and have distinguished themselves in 6 fires so far in the 2018 season.

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Follow the link to the National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of  1998, the RMLM FPA Constitution, the Application for Fire Permit, Land owner Information letter and Fire analysis form. 


First aid training

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Trained and equipped operators for Natural Resource Management. (NRM)

Marico River Conservation Association is contracted by the Department of Environmental Affairs to assist land users with the clearing of alien and invasive vegetation in order to address the general threat of water scarcity in the area.

Social development and conservation take hands through this job creation program.

The following training is conducted to support the NRM actions undertaken in the area:

  • Operating a chain saw and brush cutter

  • applying herbicides in the most environmental friendly manner

  • First aid

Other training include Leadership- and life skills

bee keeping, river monitoring and project management.

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relocating wild bees from invasive trees to safer bee hives 

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Youth Leadership training


Emotional Healing.jpg

Counselling for emotional healing. 

More than 4000 youths have attended weekend camps. These camps have changed their lives for the better. The different programs focus on a topic for example:

  • life skills training

  • environmental awareness

  • building your dream

  • emotional healing

  • leadership training for school kids.




Experiencing nature

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